Premium Synthetic Teak with 2G Technology

Dek-King synthetic teak marine decking is the ultimate robust alternative 

to the traditional teak decking that we all know and love.

Color Range

Dek-King® 2G is available in 9 color combinations to provide you with a deck that matches your requirements.

Black & Grey Caulking

Charcoal & Black Caulking

Maple & Black Caulking

Teak & Cream Caulking

Black Cherry & Black Caulking

Sun Bleached & Black Caulking

Teak & Black Caulking

Weathered & Black Caulking

Silver & Black Caulking


Panels are professionally welded to provide you with a marine decking solution of the highest level of performance

Specifications & Care

Less work, more play.

A real teak look without the maintenance.

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