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– Coming Spring 2018 –

Cool-Dek: the coolest, lightest, & most realistic synthetic teak of its type on the market!

Softer to touch and manufactured using expanded composite materials incorporating the latest technology, Cool-Dek is up to 65% cooler underfoot and 60% lighter in weight than the old 1G synthetic decking.

Designed to provide a softer underfoot experience, Cool-Dek uses UV stabilized outdoor grade PVC to deliver a more realistic teak look compared to EVA foam.

Like its 2G counterpart, Cool-Dek is fully welded and fabricated to suit panel sizes of your choice and is not limited to sheet sizes like EVA foam.

Cooler underfoot

Compared to hot 1G synthetic teak, Cool-Dek is a joy to walk upon

Lighter in weight

Less weight on your boat for increased efficiency - that's never a bad thing

Cool-Dek is available in two systems. The first can be bonded to the deck as per traditional synthetic decking systems whilst the other offers ‘peel and stick’ installation for smaller panels.

This new and exciting product has a patent pending and is currently available in teak with a choice of a black, white or grey caulking strip. Custom caulking colors are available to trade subject to minimum order levels.

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